Customer Care


Our customers take the center stage. If it had not been for the faith they placed on us, we could not have become who we are nowadays, and our company would not have taken off. For this reason, we take care of each product in detail, as it is essential in order to improve our brand. XTI has been made for you and we pursue the same dreams as you do. Our commitment with you is a priority; therefore, we focus on giving solutions so that we can make the best decisions and obtain the most efficient results. We love the challenge! We listen to you. In our customer care department your needs will always be as fulfilled as possible. What is more, we have high-qualified work teams in all our departments: from the design department to the manufacturing department. There is a team working hard behind every pair of shoes in order to get the best results and always keeping you in mind: your choices, your style, your needs and your predilections.

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us!