REFRESH has always improved its good image thanks to good quality and hard work. This led us to become a leading business in the shoe market. Since the first year, 2010, our progress has been steady in reaching both sales and costumers. We have also been in national and international trade fairs. We could not have made it without the faith that our team and costumers have placed on our products. Besides, this still push us to continue increasing, innovating and committing in order to do our best. Honesty, quality, transparency and competitive prices shape our hallmark. Our expert team of designers works carefully to keep in mind all details. Our motto is “enjoy little things” because we believe in the great possibilities of little things. We love what we do, you can tell! We are a young professional team that looks after every single detail. We are like you are, and this is which helps us to get along with you and get to know you.